O Land Of Madina…

As the days pass, I become more restless than ever
And my longing becomes more intense than ever
To be on the land so very fortunate and auspicious
The land which my Nabi SAW held in deep endearment

What is so special about you, O land of Madina?
That God placed you under His beloved Rasool’s SAW feet so blessed
The sand here is wealthier than any King in history
The soil here has more grandeur than the castles of Rome
Oh how I wish I were a part of your land
I wish I were a tiny grain of sand in your land
And my Nabi SAW would have walked on me
Ah! how fortunate and how blessed I would have been!

O land of Madina, is there anything purer than your breeze and your air?
Is there anything more virtuous, clean and clear?
The air which was breathed by the Rasool SAW
How can it not be soothing and cool?
Oh how I wish I were part of your environment
I wish I were a tiny molecule of air in your breeze
Then I would have attached myself to the sacred tomb so green…
Ah! How fortunate and how blessed I would have been!

As Gunbad-e-Khazra will come into sight,
The whole world would slip out of sight
There is nothing more beautiful and more beguiling
Than the lovely green of the sacred tomb so enchanting
I am sure, glancing at it, I would forget everything
Having it’s desire fulfilled, my heart will likely forget breathing
A reflection of Gunbad-e-Khazra my eyes would seize
Ah! How fortunate and how blessed I would be!

Do you know what do I fear the most about the visit to your land?
It’s the fear that I may have to come back
For a lover’s separation from the beloved is painful indeed
But it’s even more painful when it comes after a meeting
I imagine what will happen when they ask me to leave
The heart would become restless; in the chest will be an overpowering heave
The blood in my body will forget to pump
And right there I will collapse, before the sacred tomb
Then, I hope, they will bury me in the Baqi…
Ah! How fortunate and how blessed I would be!