Baab-e-Qurb: The Door Of Love

I am but only a beggar, my Lord.

A beggar that stands in front of your door.


I knock and I knock.

And I ask and I beg.

There is not much that I want, my Lord

But for You to open the door of Your love.


O Allah! I will keep standing,

Until my feet can no longer bear.

I will keep weeping,

Until my eyes shed the last drop of tear.

Even if it takes forever, my Lord

I will surely wait for You to open the door of Your love.


O Allah, a knot and a pain in the chest I feel

And it makes me want to give out a scream.

Though calm I try to be, the intensity only exceeds;

For you know, the pain of love never heals.

But even with so much pain, I will keep knocking

For I know You would never let a beggar walk away without Your blessing.


O Allah, the world seems to be melting away…

And the soul seems to be giving away…

I am afraid the worst kind of death it would be,

If the door is still locked in front of me.


O Allah, like a persistent beggar I knock

And I am sure what I am begging for isn’t a lot.

Not much of a difference it will make to You

But everything around me, it will give meaning to.

If only my Lord, you accept the zeal in my knock

Have mercy on me and let the door be unlocked.

Longing For Tayba…

Every cell of my body,

weeps for you.

Streams of tears,

my eyes shed for you.

There is no scrap of me,

that doesn’t aspire.

To be anywhere,

except where you respire.


Though really close you are,

to my heart

Thousands of miles,

keep me apart

How I wish,

the miles would truncate…

And the intensity of love,

would melt them away…

Then all I would need,

to reach your Durbar

Would be nothing but,

a blink of eye and a step to take.


O Allah,

I know You understand,

the state I am in

For You are,

the Greatest Lover,

of all time being.


On the night of Isra,

You sent down the Buraaq,

for Your beloved.

And lifted up all in between

to bring close the one,

for whom this world You created.


Though I am nothing but,

an insignificant lover of Your beloved,

but still,

O Musabbibal Asbab,

bring me closer to Your cherished,

how so ever you will!

The Fire Of Love

I saw a burning fire on a blessed day

Drowned in evil, the nafs was backing away

But I dragged myself to the one who had been alight

For I knew that fire of love will set me right


So the flame I caught, set me afire

Though tiny it was, it made me aspire

The high ranks of love I aim to reach

And I want the fire to make my soul besieged.


The heat and light of it is so fervent

It gives life to even a heart deadened

What a strange thing it is, this love

Indifferent it makes except from the beloved.


In Search Of A Lover

For years and years, I tried to find,

a lover who would love me back.

A burning fire of love was there;

flames of passion burned in there.

Although the heart in real is rather small,

but the love it can hold is limitless after all.


Different persons came and went,

and I loved them to my heart’s content.

But heartache it is they kept giving;

and the fire in there was slowly quenching.

As sad as it was,

the lover in me had been lost.


All those years it kept me haunted,

why the love of a lover is unwanted.

Until one day something happened and something clicked,

I found the answer to the trick.


As apparent as it was, the problem was not with the lover I loved,

it was rather the kind of lover I sought.

For the one I was looking for,

was the one without a flaw.

For the one I was looking for,

was the one that gave as I hoped.

For the one I was looking for,

was the one that cared for the tears I shed.

For the one I was looking for,

was someone who never broke the heart.


Then a thought suddenly dawned on

that the lover I sought did not walk the Earth after all.

On a big throne in the sky He lives,

from where He rules everything that thrives.

The only One in the world is He

who doesn’t break the heart for the Maker is He.

For He is Al Wadoodu, The Most Loving,

And Ar-Rahman, The Most Compassionate.


The thought ignited the flames again

and I took out the mat and started to pray.

For I have finally found the lover I have sought,

for all that time I have cried and sobbed.