A Security Guard On The Hilltop Of Patriata…

The chair lift ride through the hills of Patriata was by far the most beautiful and breathtaking experience I have ever had. It was past autumn and peak winter but the thick and lush forest we treaded through was so green and so glossy that my eyes simply forgot to blink and my tongue wouldn’t get tired of praising Allah SWT.


The beautiful and adventurous ride through the mountains and the forest and the ride back in complete, utter darkness of night have given me plenty of memories to remember.  And as odd as it might seem, those memories of the Patriata tour include a security guard I met at the top of the hills.

There was nothing extra ordinary about his appearance. He had a tough duty at the top of the hills – making sure the passengers got on and off the cable car safely. If you have ever been on a cable car or a chair lift, you would know this is the hardest part of the ride. The rides don’t stop and you have to act quickly and get on and off in an instant. Hence, you can imagine what kind of stress the security guards responsible for helping all passengers would be in – given that there were at least a few thousand tourists at that time alone.

So, after waiting for hours in the queue, it was finally our turn to board on the cable car. The cable car was due to arrive any minute and we were naturally stressed. At that moment, my 3 year old daughter started whining. Being a mother, I knew she was tired and was just being cranky. But I had to make sure nothing went wrong while we boarded on the cable car; hence, like many other desperate mothers, I asked that security guard to scold her so she would stop crying.

On one side, I stood, being so desperate that I was asking the guard to scold my own daughter. And on the other side, he was, doing a tough and stressful duty but still not missing the opportunity to revive a Sunnah. He refused to scold and then smiled at my daughter. He crouched down to her level and asked her what she wants. She told him she wanted a packet of chips. The guard then left while we prepared ourselves for boarding the cable car.

A few moments later and an instant before the cable car arrived, the guard returned with a full sized packet of chips. He handed it to my daughter and went back to his duty, helping the passengers get on and off.

On the surface, it looks like a small deed – I asked him to scold my child, he gave her a present instead. But if you look deeper, the guard did a very wise thing. With a packet of chips and a smile, he revived a Sunnah of being affectionate towards kids and Insha’Allah would have achieved the reward of 100 martyrs.

May Allah enable all of us to revive Sunnah and get closer to Rasoolullah SAW. Ameen.

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