Baab-e-Qurb: The Door Of Love

I am but only a beggar, my Lord.

A beggar that stands in front of your door.


I knock and I knock.

And I ask and I beg.

There is not much that I want, my Lord

But for You to open the door of Your love.


O Allah! I will keep standing,

Until my feet can no longer bear.

I will keep weeping,

Until my eyes shed the last drop of tear.

Even if it takes forever, my Lord

I will surely wait for You to open the door of Your love.


O Allah, a knot and a pain in the chest I feel

And it makes me want to give out a scream.

Though calm I try to be, the intensity only exceeds;

For you know, the pain of love never heals.

But even with so much pain, I will keep knocking

For I know You would never let a beggar walk away without Your blessing.


O Allah, the world seems to be melting away…

And the soul seems to be giving away…

I am afraid the worst kind of death it would be,

If the door is still locked in front of me.


O Allah, like a persistent beggar I knock

And I am sure what I am begging for isn’t a lot.

Not much of a difference it will make to You

But everything around me, it will give meaning to.

If only my Lord, you accept the zeal in my knock

Have mercy on me and let the door be unlocked.

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