Longing For Tayba…

Every cell of my body,

weeps for you.

Streams of tears,

my eyes shed for you.

There is no scrap of me,

that doesn’t aspire.

To be anywhere,

except where you respire.


Though really close you are,

to my heart

Thousands of miles,

keep me apart

How I wish,

the miles would truncate…

And the intensity of love,

would melt them away…

Then all I would need,

to reach your Durbar

Would be nothing but,

a blink of eye and a step to take.


O Allah,

I know You understand,

the state I am in

For You are,

the Greatest Lover,

of all time being.


On the night of Isra,

You sent down the Buraaq,

for Your beloved.

And lifted up all in between

to bring close the one,

for whom this world You created.


Though I am nothing but,

an insignificant lover of Your beloved,

but still,

O Musabbibal Asbab,

bring me closer to Your cherished,

how so ever you will!

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